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Last Epoch Game Review : This in-depth review explores what’s new in Last Epoch after a massive 2023 1.0 launch. Learn about the flexible class system, strategic combat, gorgeous visuals, and rewarding end game sustaining this impressive gothic ARPG.

Last Epoch Game Review 2024: With two masteries combining, 100+ skills, riveting boss battles, ethical monetization, and dedicated devs, Last Epoch has cemented itself as a top ARPG alongside titans like PoE and Diablo. Our Last Epoch Game Review covers the excellent crafting system, hardcore mode, and why it’s absolutely worth playing.

Last Epoch Game Review

Last Epoch Game Review: After 5 years in Early Access, this indie gem has fully launched with a complete story, empowered endgame monoliths, an Arena mode, and three new classes. See why Last Epoch deserves recognition among the best hack ‘n slash RPGs out right now and why ARPG fans should play.

Last Epoch Game Review 2024 – An In-Depth Look at This ARPG Gem

Introduction to Last Epoch Game – A New Take on ARPGs

Last Epoch is an indie action RPG developed by Eleventh Hour Games that first entered Steam’s Early Access program back in 2019. Over the past 5 years the studio has continued to iterate and expand on the game, crafting an incredibly deep and robust ARPG that finally launched out of Early Access in late 2023.

So how does Last Epoch hold up in 2024 after significant content expansions and a full launch? In this ultimate Review we will cover each and everything which you need to know about Last Epoch Game :

  • Past development cycle and major updates in 2024
  • Innovative class customization system
  • Strategic, skill-based combat
  • Gorgeous gothic visuals
  • Rewarding endgame progression
  • Current state of the game
  • Verdict: An absolute must-play ARPG

Past Development and Major 2024 Updates

Last Epoch has come a long way since its Early Access release in 2019. Over the past 5 years, developer Eleventh Hour Games has continually expanded endgame content, added quality of life features, squashed bugs, and incorporated extensive community feedback into the game.

The biggest milestone came in late 2023 when Last Epoch finally launched out of Early Access with its big 1.0 release:

  • 4 new chapters were added, completing the base game story
  • 3 entirely new masteries (classes) were introduced: Sentinel, Primalist, and Lich
  • The endgame was expanded significantly with empowered monoliths, wave-based crucible battles, and deadly hardcore mode
  • New gear progression systems were implemented including set items, a glyph word, and chaotic crafting
  • Numerous other quality of life changes were made like improved trading and community tools

Overall the full launch of Last Epoch added a massive amount of content and depth on top of an already very re-playable core game. The development team continues to refine and build upon that strong foundation in 2024.

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Features of Last Epoch Game

Time travelThe game’s story revolves around time travel and your journey to save the world of Eterra from the Void. You’ll travel through different eras, facing various challenges and enemies.
Extensive character customizationLast Epoch offers extensive character customization options. You can choose from five base classes, each with three subclasses, and further personalize your character with skill trees and powerful equipment.
Deep and engaging combat mechanicsThe game features deep and engaging combat mechanics, with a variety of skills and abilities to learn and master. You can also customize your playstyle through skill augment trees, allowing for diverse character builds.
High replayabilityLast Epoch offers high replayability thanks to its procedurally generated dungeons, multiple character builds, and endgame content like the challenging Monolith system.
Positive reviewsThe game received positive reviews upon release, with players praising its engaging gameplay, deep character customization, and unique time travel mechanic.

Diverse Class Building System

One of the most defining features of Last Epoch is its incredibly flexible class building system. Unlike most ARPGs where you pick one class, here you can combine two masteries together out of the current 8 options:

  • Void Knight
  • Acolyte
  • Sentinel
  • Primalist
  • Forge Guard
  • Lich
  • Spellblade
  • Hunter

Each mastery has its own unique skill trees relating to melee skills, spells, summoning, and more. By combining two masteries, you gain access to 10 skill trees total to mix and match dozens of active and passive skills. This amount of customization enables practically limitless build options to destroy enemies how you see fit.

You can further specialize by modifying your skills with enhancements like adding lightning damage or increasing AOE. There are over 100 unique skills to build around by endgame. The deep character progression ensures countless hours of theory-crafting the most overpowered hero!

Last Epoch Game Class or Characters

MageMasters elemental magic, unleashing powerful spells and manipulating the battlefield.
RogueAgile and deadly, specializing in swift attacks and critical strikes.
PrimalistHarnesses the power of nature, summoning ferocious companions and manipulating the earth itself.
AcolyteA devout warrior wielding holy magic, channeling blessings and smiting foes.
SentinelA stalwart defender, wielding heavy armor and shields to protect themselves and their allies.

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Fast-Paced, Strategic Combat

Of course all these cool character builds would be meaningless without an engaging combat system – and Last Epoch delivers in spades. The moment to moment gameplay is incredibly fast paced, with hordes of enemies swarming the screen as you unleash spectacular skills:

  • Dodge out of the way of powerful attacks
  • String together combo chains
  • Pop buffs then decimate with your hardest hitting abilities
  • Manage important resources like Rage, Willpower, Health, and Mana
  • React to dangerous foes who require priority

Fighting powerful bosses with multiple phases also tests your mastery of skills by throwing new mechanics at you. Utilizing crowd control abilities like slows and stuns to handle dangerous packs requires strategy.

Overall combat feels very smooth, responsive, and impactful thanks to great sound and visual feedback. Whirling your swords through hordes of un-dead or raining meteors on insect queens is immensely satisfying.

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Beautiful Visuals

Last Epoch sports a gorgeously rendered gothic world brought to life with incredible attention to detail. Exploring rain-soaked forests, fungi-ridden caverns, and Netherim-infused strongholds reveals richer textures and models than typically seen in indie RPGs.

Spell effects like crackling lightning orbs and swirling poison death clouds fill the screen with magical eye candy. Subtle touches like ragdoll physics on downed enemies and destructible environments provide immersion.

While performance depends on your hardware, the game runs very smoothly even on mid-range rigs thanks to recent optimizations. Additional options like increasing camera zoom also improve the experience.

Endgame Progression Systems

ARPG endgame is all about the rewarding loop of facing challenges to get shiny new loot. Like any good hack ‘n slasher, Last Epoch nails this feedback cycle through diverse endgame activities including:

Monoliths – procedurally generated rifts with increasing difficulty tiers
Empowered Monoliths – juiced up monoliths that drop better loot Crucible – arena battles across waves of enemies
Hardcore – permadeath mode for ultimate bragging rights

Legendary set items, rare glyphs, and the new chaotic crafting system give you reasons to keep hunting. The devs also add new endgame content regularly like empowered monoliths and crucible timed challenges.

Current State of the Game

With the full 1.0 launch finally completed in late 2023 after 5 years in Early Access, Last Epoch has entered a very polished, content-rich state with extensive playability even before endgame.

The initial 4 story chapters provide 30+ hours of campaign gameplay to get your build online. Then at endgame, tackle the hardest challenges, farm for rare loot, and climb leaderboards however you see fit.

As die-hard ARPG fans themselves, Eleventh Hour Games has exciting long term plans for Last Epoch spanning years. These include adding more masteries, new endgame systems, quality of life updates, and possible console ports.

For ethical monetization the game only offers cosmetic microtransactions, with no pay-to-win creeping in. The passionate indie team focuses on substantive expansions over quick cash grabs.

Verdict – An Impressive Modern ARPG

Offering incredible depth around character building, rewarding progression, and highly replayable content, Last Epoch confidently deserves a spot next to titans like Path of Exile and Diablo as a top ARPG of 2024.

Between the strategic combat, diverse skills, and deep customization, every playthrough feels unique depending on how you combine masteries. Throw in beautiful graphics and effects with a dedicated dev team building out new systems, and you have a recipe for endless theory-crafting and gameplay.

Given the insane amount of content added since Early Access, Last Epoch is well worth the purchase in 2024 for any hack ‘n slash fan. This ARPG gem will only get better over time.

So rally your battlemage, stock up on mana potions, and prepare to lose hundreds of hours exploring the dark fantasy world of Last Epoch today!


After 5 years in development, including a massive 2023 1.0 release, Last Epoch has firmly established itself as one of the top ARPGs available in 2024.

The game truly sets itself apart through its flexible class building system, allowing you to combine two masteries out of 8 current options to create deeply customized heroes. Supporting the builds is an exciting, fast-paced combat model that provides enough depth to reward mastery.

Gorgeous gothic environments, stellar spell effects, rewarding progression systems, and extensive endgame activities also check all the boxes for a quality ARPG. The dedicated developers at Eleventh Hour continue advancing Last Epoch through substantive expansions that respect player time with ethical monetization.

Offering endless theory crafting possibilities and replayability, Last Epoch deserves recognition next to titans like Path of Exile and Diablo. If you have even a passing interest in ARPGs, adding this impressive indie gem to your library is a no-brainer.

So rally your primalist mage hunter, master the complex mechanics, and prepare to lose hundreds of hours in this ARPG masterpiece! 2024 will surely be a memorable year for Last Epoch.

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