Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake Game Comparison

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake: With FF7 Remake covering Midgar and Rebirth telling the rest of the story, this post compares the two from story, gameplay, graphics and more to determine which modern version of the classic will be better.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake vs Rebirth will establish background context on both games for those unfamiliar before assessing objective criteria like combat mechanics and pacing relative to one another. We’ll highlight advantages unique to Rebirth and evaluate whether fixes to widely-cited Remake criticisms could make it the definitive edition of FF7.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Our verdict on which FF7 remake chapter seems set to provide the superior experience will surprise some and validating long-held assumptions for others. But ultimately we predict whether ambitions for Rebirth building atop strong Remake foundations can result in a two-part FF7 that transcends the iconic 1997 original it pays homage to when viewed holistically.

I. Introduction

Final Fantasy 7 first released in 1997 for the PlayStation and quickly became one of the most popular and highly acclaimed games of all time. In 2020, Square Enix released Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a modern re-imagining of the beloved game that focused exclusively on expanding the Midgar section of the original.

Now, the second part titled Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is slated for release in Feb 2024. This upcoming instalment will cover the rest of the story and world not seen in Remake.

In this blog post, we will compare and contrast these two modern takes on a classic between Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and Remake. Specifically looking at key areas like:

  • Story and world
  • Gameplay and combat
  • Graphics and visuals
  • Music and audio

To determine which game is likely to provide the better and more comprehensive Final Fantasy 7 experience. The thesis is that Rebirth will build and expand upon Remake to deliver an improved game overall.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake Comparison

FeatureFinal Fantasy 7 RemakeFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Release DateApril 10, 2020February 29, 2024
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (via upgrade)PlayStation 5
SettingPrimarily MidgarExpands beyond Midgar, exploring various locations across Gaia
StoryReimagines the events of Final Fantasy VII up to escaping Midgar, with some narrative deviationsContinues the story from the ending of Remake, potentially introducing significant twists and surprises
GameplayAction-based combat system with real-time character switching and materia abilitiesRetains core gameplay elements from Remake, potentially with refined mechanics and new additions
ExplorationLimited exploration within Midgar’s various sectorsOpen world environment allows for free exploration, including riding Chocobos and discovering hidden areas
CharactersFamiliar cast from Final Fantasy VII, including Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and BarretReturning characters alongside potential new introductions, with the possibility of altered character arcs
VisualsHighly detailed environments and character modelsEnhanced visuals showcasing the world of Gaia with even greater fidelity
MusicReimagined soundtrack featuring iconic themes from the original gameReinvigorated soundtrack with both familiar and new compositions

II. Story and World

A. Remake

The Remake follows the same general story beats as the original Final Fantasy 7, focusing on Cloud Strife and Avalanche’s attack on the Mako reactors in Midgar. However, it greatly expands this section of the game which was over in a few hours originally. Some new story elements are also introduced:

  • More emphasis on Avalanche members like Jessie, Biggs and Wedge
  • New main antagonist Roche added
  • Love triangle plot between Cloud, Aerith and Tifa expanded
  • Cryptic plot threads regarding the Whispers and Destiny

B. Rebirth

Rebirth will cover the rest of the Final Fantasy 7 story not seen in Remake as the party leaves Midgar. This is expected to closely follow the original game but some key differences are likely:

  • Pacing issues in second half of original FF7 story could be improved
  • More backstory and character development probable
  • New plot elements and surprises to shock even veteran fans
  • Overarching plot involving the Whispers offers unpredictability

The advantage lies with Rebirth here as the developers have learned from Remake feedback and have an opportunity to enhance the original story in the second part rather than just recreate it.

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III. Gameplay and Combat

A. Remake

The Remake features a real-time, action-oriented combat system that also incorporates tactical elements like the classic Final Fantasy Active Time Battle (ATB) which allows stopping combat to use skills, magic and items. Players can switch between controlling Cloud, Barret, Tifa and Aerith during battle. Some common complaints included repetitive required encounters and boss fights.

B. Rebirth

Rebirth will likely retain the same general hybrid combat system as the first game. However, potential refinements and tweaks could include:

  • Streamlining to reduce repetition
  • Additional tactical options
  • More playable characters like Red XIII
  • Further ability to switch characters

So Rebirth has the advantage here if Square Enix builds upon the foundation of Remake’s battle system and addresses feedback regarding repetitive elements.

Characters in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake

CharacterFinal Fantasy 7 RemakeFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Playable Characters:
Cloud StrifeYesYes
Aerith GainsboroughYesYes
Tifa LockhartYesYes
Barret WallaceYesYes
Yuffie KisaragiYesYes
Red XIIIYesYes
Cait SithYesYes
Limited Playable:
SephirothYes (flashback sequence)Yes (limited sections)
Zack FairNoYes (limited sections)
Marlene WallaceYesYes
President ShinraYesYes
Rufus ShinraYesYes
Professor HojoYesYes

IV. Graphics and Visuals

A. Remake

As one of the first major “next-gen” Final Fantasy titles, Remake sets a new visual benchmark for the franchise. The meticulously detailed version of Midgar and advanced character models like Cloud and Sephiroth are technical marvels only possible now. However, the graphics are limited to Midgar’s dark, industrial palette for the game’s 30+ hour duration.

B. Rebirth

Rebirth should meet if not exceed the high graphical bar set by Remake. And covering the rest of the story will allow for far more environmental diversity including bright, lush forests as the party leaves Midgar that pop on modern displays. This greater variety gives Rebirth an advantage in the visuals department.

V. Music and Audio

A. Remake

The Remake features acclaimed composer Nobuo Uematsu’s iconic Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack performed by an orchestra for a grand, updated audio experience. Fan favorite pieces like “One Winged Angel” and “Aerith’s Theme” become truly cinematic. But some players found the constant repetition of battle music frustrating after tens of hours spent in Midgar.

B. Rebirth

Players can expect a similarly orchestrated soundtrack in Rebirth. And journeying beyond Midgar means all-new environmental music mixes can help address repetitive loops. More story means more emotional character leitmotifs too. So Rebirth may pull ahead with wider variety.

VI. Overall Verdict

Rebirth has the opportunity to take everything that worked narrative, gameplay, and technical-wise in Remake but with needed fixes and refinement. The incomplete story will reach its long-awaited conclusion and fan speculation can end. It comes down to Rebirth building upon a very strong foundation to deliver what should be the definitive version of Final Fantasy 7 across two modern games, improving on Remake’s high benchmark.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth vs Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Pros and Cons

FeatureFinal Fantasy 7 RemakeFinal Fantasy 7 Rebirth
Setting and ScopeConfined to Midgar, detailed exploration of a single locationVast and diverse world of Gaia, open-world exploration
Story and NarrativeFaithful adaptation of early story with potential deviationsPicks up after Remake, delves deeper into overall narrative with potential twists
GameplayAction-based combat with strategic elementsRefined combat system with potential new mechanics and strategic depth
ExplorationLinear progressionOpen-world exploration, potentially with activities like riding Chocobos
Visuals and AudioStunning visuals, detailed character models and environmentsPushes graphical boundaries further, showcases vast landscapes
ProsFamiliar setting for newcomers, faithful retelling of early storyExpanded world and narrative, continuation of story beyond Midgar
ConsLimited exploration, shorter experienceUnfamiliar setting for newcomers, potential narrative deviations from original

Final Thoughts

In reviewing the key areas between these two ambitious re-imaginings of a gaming classic, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth appears to have an edge over Remake in realizing the full potential of this story and world.

Rebirth will incorporate feedback and lessons learned from Remake’s midgar section to improve pacing, add more variety in gameplay and environments, and build out the second half of the story with care. Remake set a very strong baseline, but was inherently incomplete focusing only on Midgar and lacking areas to refine.

Now with Rebirth venturing beyond Midgar, addressing previous criticisms, and concluding Cloud’s full arc, it is positioned to deliver the definitive Final Fantasy 7 experience. Expectations from fans are immense, but if Rebirth can fulfill its promise, it may eclipse Remake and claim title as the superior version of this RPG classic across two stunning modern installments.

Time will tell if Rebirth ascends to its lofty goals. But the table is set for it to complete Final Fantasy 7’s story in a manner that makes the whole journey grander than its incredible Sum parts. Both games together may form the exemplary remake worthy of the groundbreaking 1997 original.

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