OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro | Which Smartwatch is Best ?

The OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro two of the best premium smartwatches for Android users go head-to-head in this in-depth comparison on display, fitness tracking, battery life, health sensors and more to help you decide which to buy.

Should you choose the OnePlus Watch 2 or Galaxy Watch 6 Pro? We compare the crisp AMOLED displays, battery runtime reaching 14 days on the OnePlus, robust health metrics like heart rate and SpO2 tracking, over 90 sport modes, GPS connectivity, water resistance and much more.

OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro

See how the OnePlus Watch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro smartwatches stack up across all the key categories from design to battery life. Get Our verdict on whether the cheaper OnePlus Watch 2 provides better overall value than the more expensive Galaxy Watch Pro model for most buyers.

OnePlus Watch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro: Which Smartwatch Should You Buy in 2024?


The smartwatch market has exploded in recent years, with tech giants like OnePlus and Samsung releasing premium flagships to compete for your wrist. Two of the latest top-tier smartwatch releases going head-to-head are the OnePlus Watch 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro.

With both watches packing robust health tracking, fitness metrics, and smart connectivity into stylish and durable designs, it can be tough to choose which one best fits your needs and budget. This comprehensive comparison guide will analyze the key specs, features, and performance of the OnePlus Watch 2 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro to help you decide:

  • Design and display quality
  • Health and fitness tracking abilities
  • Smartwatch features
  • Battery performance
  • Software and compatibility
  • Pricing and overall value

We’ll also provide a clear verdict at the end – should you buy the OnePlus Watch 2 or Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro? Let’s kick things off by looking at what each of these powerful smartwatches brings to the table.

The OnePlus Watch 2 was just released in February 2024, while Samsung dropped its premium Galaxy Watch 6 lineup, including the souped up Classic Pro model, in August 2024. Both pack impressive improvements over their predecessors, making them two of the top smartwatch options for Android users today.

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OnePlus Watch 2 Overview

The OnePlus Watch 2 retains the same 46mm circular design as the original, but with a slimmer 12.9mm thickness. You’ll get a sharp-looking 1.91 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 x 402 pixels.

Battery life sees a big boost up to 14 days thanks to the optimized operating system. Health tracking is also expanded with SpO2 monitoring joining the heart rate sensor, stress and sleep tracking, and over 100 workout modes to choose from.

It’s 5ATM water resistant, includes built-in GPS, Bluetooth calling and Alexa support, plus you can use OnePlus’s fast charging adapter to juice back up quickly.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro Overview

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro sports a premium titanium case and sapphire crystal glass in a 46mm size. The display is a 1.4 inch Super AMOLED panel with a 450 x 450 resolution in a classic circular design.

You’ll get roughly 80 hours of battery life depending on usage as well as robust health sensors like ECG, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, SpO2, and body composition metrics. Plus it tracks over 90 exercises automatically with advanced running coaching and recovery features.

This watch runs Samsung’s Tizen OS and has the latest connectivity like GPS, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2 as well as taking calls and replies to messages right on your wrist.

Design and Display Comparison


While both watches have excellent circular AMOLED displays at 46mm, the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro edges out with a higher 450 x 450 resolution and slightly larger 1.4 inch display size. It’s also covered by premium sapphire glass for durability.


With durable titanium and sapphire materials, the Watch 6 Pro has a more premium yet rugged in-hand feel. But some may prefer the steel case and swappable bands of the OnePlus watch from a comfort and customization standpoint.

SpecsOnePlus Watch 2Galaxy Watch 6 Pro
Display Size1.91″ AMOLED1.4″ Super AMOLED
Display Resolution480 x 402450 x 450
Case MaterialStainless SteelTitanium
Watch Band MaterialFluororubberPremium Leather

Health and Fitness Tracking

The OnePlus Watch 2 and Galaxy Watch 6 Pro take different approaches when it comes to health tracking, but both offer robust metrics.

Heart rate and SpO2

You’ll get continuous heart rate monitoring and on-demand blood oxygen readings from both watches. The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro also uniquely provides an ECG app to detect irregular heart rhythms.

Sleep tracking

Each watch automatically tracks sleep stages with excellent accuracy based on movement and heart rate data. The OnePlus Watch 2 provides more holistic sleep analysis while the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro focuses more on disordered breathing.

Fitness tracking

With over 100 workout detection and custom modes on the OnePlus Watch 2 and over 90 on the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro – even the most intense training programs can be tracked. The Galaxy Watch does take the edge for runners with advanced metrics, coaching and recovery analysis.

FeaturesOnePlus Watch 2Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro
Heart Rate TrackingYesYes
Blood Oxygen MonitoringYesYes
ECG AppNoYes
Sleep Stages TrackedLight, Deep, REMLight, Deep, REM
Workout Modes100+90+
Built-in GPSYesYes

Smart Features

Notifications and calling

Both watches conveniently display notifications from your paired Android or iOS smartphone. Unique to the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is the ability to take Bluetooth calls directly on your wrist.

Payments, music and assistants

You’ll get NFC tap-to-pay functionality on both smartwatches. Plus music can be controls and stored locally up to 2GB on the OnePlus Watch 2 and 4GB on the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. Both also havevoice assistants built-in like Alexa and Bixby.

Battery Life

While the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is no slouch at around 80 hours of runtime, the OnePlus Watch 2 delivers a category-leading 14 days of power before needing to recharge. This makes it better suited for multi-day hiking/camping trips without packing extra battery banks.

The Galaxy Watch 6 does charge slightly faster at 1-1.5 hours for full power, compared to 1.5-2 hours on the OnePlus – but much less frequent charging gives the OnePlus the edge.

Setup, Compatibility and Connectivity

You’ll need to download the OnePlus Health or Samsung Health companion apps for iOS or Android to pair your watch initially. From there you can view detailed tracking stats and customize settings.

Both watches have onboard GPS, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi and NFC tap-to-pay connectivity – so you’ll have smooth performance for music, notifications, payments and workout maps regardless of which you choose.

Pricing and Value Comparison

With the OnePlus Watch 2 priced at $299 and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro at $449 – there is a clear $150 price gap between the two. The Galaxy Watch 6 does justify it’s higher cost with some premium build materials and advanced health sensors.

But for most users, the OnePlus Watch 2 provides virtually every feature you’d expect from a cutting-edge smartwatch at a fraction of the price. Combined with battery life that beats any Wear OS or Galaxy watch, it delivers exceptional value.

Verdict: Which Smartwatch Should You Buy?

For those wanting top-notch fitness and health tracking combined with a durable design – the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro takes the crown. Runners will especially benefit from the advanced training tools and metrics.

But as an overall smartwatch combining seamless Android connectivity, stellar battery runtime, vibrant display and robust tracking into a $299 package – the OnePlus Watch 2 edges out as the top choice.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is arguably “better”, but comes at a steep $150 premium. Meanwhile the OnePlus Watch 2 provides 95% of the functionality at 60% of the cost – making it the overall best option for Android users wanting premium performance without the premium price tag.


The OnePlus Watch 2 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro both offer premium smartwatch performance for Android users – but which you choose really depends on your priorities.

If you want the absolute best display, fitness metrics for running, and don’t mind paying extra for luxury titanium and sapphire glass build materials – go for the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. The advanced coaching features and addition of an ECG sensor also make it a great choice for athletes or anyone with possible heart issues.

But for most users wanting a complete feature set of notifications, app support, contactless payments, music storage, crisp display, voiced assistants, robust health tracking, and extremely long 14 day battery life – the OnePlus Watch 2 delivers the same excellent smartwatch experience for $150 less.

Unless you’re an avid runner looking to shave seconds off your 5K time or maximize hardcore gym workouts, the more affordable OnePlus Watch 2 makes sense over the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Pro for Android smartphone owners. You still get premium features and performance – just with fewer niche metrics and a steel casing rather than titanium. All at a much lower price point.

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