Rise of The Ronin PS5 | New Ninja Game 2024 Everything You Need to Know

Rise of The Ronin PS5 is a real brutal samurai action game for action lovers, It is developed by Team Ninja seasoned combat masters, This game is based on a dark fantasy and sword fighting with stealthy tactics. Explore a mysterious version of Japan’s Edo period and become a legendary game warrior.

Beyond jaw-dropping next-gen visuals, Rise of The Ronin PS5 builds on everything Team Ninja learned from the acclaimed Ninja Gaiden and Nioh franchises. Expect precision combat focused on combos, parrying, and mastering your chosen weapons to cut down both human foes and hulking demons. With deep customization and progression, manifold combat options, treacherous environments, and tense pacing, this PS5 exclusive evokes classics like Onimusha with its own unique vision.

Rise of The Ronin PS5

For swordplay aficionados and challenge-seekers, Rise of The Ronin PS5 channels the lethal skills of a disgraced, wandering ronin caught in a larger struggle. Whether you crave authentic feudal Japan aesthetics or uncompromising action, Rise of The Ronin aims to deliver a gripping new PS5 experience.

Rise of The Ronin PS5 : Everything you need to Know About this New Ninja Game Coming in 2024


The world of feudal Japan is coming back to gaming in a big way with the newly announced title Rise of the Ronin. Developed exclusively for PlayStation 5 by acclaimed studio Team Ninja, Rise of the Ronin represents a brand new IP that promises to deliver a thrilling and brutal action RPG set in Japan’s Edo period.

Rise of The Ronin PS5

In year 2022 the first teaser trailer of Rise of The Ronin is released by Sony State of Play event to create a hype for action game lovers that Team Ninja’s next game will be super excited . The studio is best known for delivering stylish, challenging, and visceral combat centered around martial arts and melee weapons in series like Ninja Gaiden and Nioh. Fans couldn’t be more excited to see their distinct game design sensibilities applied to a grim dark fantasy take on the Land of the Rising Sun.

While details remain scant on the specific narrative premise, protagonist, and gameplay features, the brief teaser and official descriptions paint Rise of the Ronin as a gritty, lethal, and compelling take on samurai action. As we await more concrete details leading up to the planned 2024 release window, let’s break down everything we know so far about Rise of the Ronin’s world, combat, and potential.

Background on Team Ninja and Prior Games

Team Ninja has a long pedigree developing stylish and challenging Japanese-themed action games. Founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of Koei Tecmo, they first made a name for themselves with the iconic ninja action series Ninja Gaiden.

Ninja Gaiden pioneered responsive 3D combat centered around protagonist Ryu Hayabusa, a superhuman ninja who slices through enemies with his trademark Dragon Sword. The series set a high bar for flashy acrobatic moves and challenging enemy encounters requiring perfect timing and mastery of combos.

Team Ninja continued refining their combat formulas with the samurai-themed Nioh games, set in a supernatural take on 1600s Japan. Nioh and its sequel tell the tale of William Adams, a Western samurai who slays human foes and grotesque yokai monsters alike with a huge variety of collectible weapons and magic spells. Nioh demands precision swordplay focused on stance breaks, parrying, positioning, and managing your stamina and resources.

With their track record of creating some of the most satisfying and demanding Japanese melee combat systems, expectations are high for Rise of the Ronin to deliver their most polished and compelling swordplay yet.

Rise of the Ronin Announcement Details

Rise of the Ronin was first teased during Sony’s September 2022 State of Play stream. Billed as a dark fantasy action RPG, it is slated as a PS5 console exclusive being built in Unreal Engine 5 by a team of veteran Team Ninja developers.

The brief announcement trailer depicts a bombed-out seaside village and distant castle shrouded in fog. A brooding, long-haired samurai overlooks the devastation as the camera cuts between shots highlighting the katana combat. Dismembered limbs spray blood as the razor-sharp blades clash with heavy force.

Though light on story details, the dark andmystical tone is set through murky temples, ominous enemy designs, and stylistic violence. Release timing is simply listed as 2024.

For Sony, Rise of the Ronin represents a major PS5 exclusive RPG boasting Unreal Engine 5 visuals and brutal, weighty combat that aims to expand the appeal of their console. As an original IP, Team Ninja aims to craft an impactful new world and gameplay system to match their best titles.

Setting in Edo Period Japan

Rise of the Ronin takes place during Japan’s Edo period, which lasted from 1603 to 1867 under the stable Tokugawa shogunate. Though largely peaceful, tensions rose towards the 19th century as Western influence increased. It was a period of flourishing arts and culture, but also simmering social upheavals.

Rise of The Ronin PS5

The brief trailer does not reveal much about the state of the in-game setting and its place in history. The ronin’s presence implies the fall of their master amidst a tumultuous backdrop ripe for drama and conflict. As a masterless warrior, the ronin can explore all facets of society.

Real-world Edo-era Japan was a complex setting defined by societal stratification and tensions between progress and tradition. This provides a foundation for Team Ninja to build an original story with realistic human conflicts and supernatural mystery.

Teaser Trailer Breakdown

While exceedingly short, the first teaser provides numerous clues regarding tone, combat, and visuals:

  • Gritty, gloomy atmosphere with fog and rubble implying turmoil
  • Quick cuts of swordplay showing lethal, grounded combat
  • Slicing cuts with katanas spray blood with forceful impact
  • Falconry may play a role, potentially for navigation or combat
  • Range of enemy types including warriors and hulking oni ogres
  • Fortress likely a mid or late game set piece for large battles
  • Bird’s eye view shots suggest gameplay variety beyond just combat
  • The unnamed ronin hero wields swords and rope dart in tandem
  • Dark, brutal tone aligned with mature rating
  • Stylized violence pushing boundaries of what’s possible on PS5 specs

While combat remains the centerpiece, the trailer suggests some unpredictability and options for engaging or avoiding enemies. This adds depth beyond just sword fighting skill.

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Potential Gameplay Features

As an action RPG, combat will likely form the crux of Rise of the Ronin’s gameplay. Given Team Ninja’s history, players can expect challenging, precise melee combat focused on katana skills, with stealth and ranged weapons providing additional options.

Based on the trailer and developer pedigree, potential features include:

  • Katana combat focused on timing, combos, parrying, positioning, and overwhelming numerically superior foes
  • Stealth gameplay with silent takedowns and evasion along with raw combat skills
  • Custom skill trees or gear to enhance the ronin’s talents in different gameplay styles
  • Human enemies like swordsmen and spearmen requiring precise approaches
  • Hulking yokai monsters introducing heavier gameplay dynamics
  • Grappling hook for enhanced platforming and mobility during combat
  • Variety of weapons like daggers, spears, and staffs with unique movesets to unlock
  • Dark magic or spells to dispel supernatural enemies and hazards
  • Challenging boss fights against lethal warriors and demons
  • Hardcore difficulty demanding mastery for perfectionist players

With such a strong foundation of combat mechanics to build on, Rise of the Ronin has the potential to offer incredible gameplay depth tailored to veteran action fans.

Story and Character Speculation

The narrative details remain one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Rise of the Ronin. Some speculative possibilities include:

  • A classic revenge tale as the ronin warrior seeks to avenge their fallen master and restore their honor
  • Tracing the ronin’s fall from grace and shift from samurai to wandering swordsman
  • Resolving conflicts between warring states in a Japan rife with turmoil
  • Supernatural elements related to the emergence of demonic yokai enemies
  • A fully customizable protagonist or set characterization
  • Recruiting allies with their own unique backstories and abilities
  • Branching narrative choices impacting the journey and multiple endings
  • Moral dilemmas that challenge bushido code of honor

The Edo period setting is ripe for political intrigue, social commentary, action-driven plot twists, and larger-than-life characters. With the right balance of historical inspiration and fantasy adventure, Team Ninja can craft a memorable new story.

Character NameDescription
Player Character (Ronin)You! A masterless samurai forging their own path in the Bakumatsu period.
Naosuke IiLeader of the Tokugawa Shogunate, known for his conservative and isolationist policies.
Taka MoriyamaA fictional character serving as a guide and mentor to the player.
Kaishu KatsuA historical figure who advised the Tokugawa Shogunate in the face of modernization and ultimately facilitated the peaceful transition of power.
Ryōma SakamotoA historical figure and leading figure in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Kogoro KatsuraA historical figure, politician, and samurai who served in the Meiji government after the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

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Release Date Hopes and Expectations

Rise of the Ronin’s 2024 launch window is ambiguous enough to speculate whether it will be released on March 22, 2024. The game is taking longer to make, but fans are excited and want to play it as soon as possible when it is released.

Since it’s only for the PlayStation 5, but everyone expects amazing graphics and a really immersive experience, like they have never seen before. This includes cool features like super realistic lighting, 3D sound, special controller effects, and super fast loading times.
Just be prepared for a HUGE download, probably over 100 GB’s Size.

Based on Team Ninja’s track record, post-launch DLC content with new playable characters, challenge modes, or story expansions is likely. Multiplayer seems less certain, but co-op or competitive modes could significantly broaden the title’s longevity.

While the wait through 2024 will be long, Rise of the Ronin has all the makings of a potential standout title in Sony’s impressive stable of PS5 exclusives. As more concrete details emerge, the hype shall only continue building.


Rise of the Ronin marks an exciting new IP from veteran developer Team Ninja that aims to build on their pedigree for lethal, high-skill combat. Though details remain scant, its gritty tone and Edo period Japan setting have already garnered significant buzz surrounding its eventual 2024 release.

As Team Ninja’s first major PS5 exclusive, the expectations are justifiably high for this dark samurai action RPG to push the graphical capabilities of the hardware and deliver uncompromising challenge fit for the most hardcore action fans. While the wait will be long, Rise of the Ronin has the potential to stand alongside the likes of Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro as an iconic samurai game when it finally arrives.

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