Mario Vs Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Review 2024 With Amazing Features

Mario vs Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Review 2024: This in-depth blog reviews the newest Mario vs Donkey Kong game for Nintendo Switch in 2024. With intuitive touch controls & clever puzzle design across 150+ levels, see how it stacks up for both fans & newcomers!

The Mario vs Donkey Kong series dates back over 15 years and has spanned various Nintendo platforms and puzzle genres. The 2024 entry released on Nintendo Switch enhances the core formula with HD visuals, special character abilities, creative touch screen controls, and more than 150 progressive challenge levels & modes.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Review 2024

Our hands-on Mario vs Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch review analyzes features like upgraded presentation, engaging gameplay variety, multiplayer options, and hidden collectables for a verdict on whether its clever level concepts provide an addictive test of wits deserving of your money. Learn if it recaptures nostalgic 2D Mario magic!

Mario vs Donkey Kong Nintendo Switch Review 2024


The Mario vs Donkey Kong series has been around for over 15 years, providing fun and engaging puzzle-platformer experiences across various Nintendo platforms. The latest instalment, simply titled Mario vs Donkey Kong, was released on the Nintendo Switch in 2024 to critical acclaim.

This new game brings the intuitive puzzle gameplay the series is known for into the modern age with HD visuals, intuitive touch controls, and a portable platform like no other Mario vs Donkey Kong title. With over 150 clever puzzles, special abilities for Mario, and enhanced graphics, this newest entry into this classic Nintendo series stands out as a must-have for puzzle fans.

In this in-depth review, we will cover everything you need to know about Mario vs Donkey Kong’s new features, level design, controls, characters, visuals and audio, replay value, and ultimately provide our verdict on whether it’s worth purchasing for your Nintendo Switch. Some key topics covered include:

  • Mario vs Donkey Kong’s new gameplay mechanics and modes
  • Analysis of over 150 creative puzzles
  • HD graphics with smooth animations
  • Usability of touch screen controls
  • The return of signature characters like Mario, Pauline and Donkey Kong
  • Leaderboards and additional hard modes
  • Final verdict on whether this puzzle-platformer is worth buying

So if you want to gain a deeper understanding of whether Mario vs Donkey Kong’s Nintendo Switch debut in 2024 satisfies, keep reading for the full breakdown.

Mario vs Donkey Kong Comparison

FeatureMarioDonkey Kong
Primary RoleProtagonist, heroAntagonist, obstacle
MotivationRescue Pauline/Mini-Marios, save the dayMischief, causing chaos
AbilitiesJump, run, climb, use power-ups (fire flower, star)Strength, throwing barrels, jumping
WeaknessesFalls from great heights, fire (sometimes)None specific
PersonalityCheerful, determined, braveImpulsive, mischievous, competitive
AppearanceShort, red plumber with overalls and mustacheLarge, brown gorilla with red tie and barrel
Game FocusPuzzle platforming, overcoming obstaclesCreating challenges, throwing obstacles
Recent GameMario vs. Donkey Kong (February 2024)None (featured in other games)
OverallBeloved video game mascot, often portrayed as good-naturedIconic video game villain, known for being playful and competitive

Mario vs Donkey Kong Gameplay

The basic premise of Mario vs Donkey Kong’s gameplay involves guiding miniature Mario toys to the exit door by manipulating objects and creating paths for them. You must figure out how to get the Marios through over 150 cleverly designed puzzles while avoiding obstacles like Shy Guys, Piranha Plants, and other enemies.

This game features three modes of single player gameplay:

  • Main Game – Guide the Mini Marios to the exit door through courses with 6 increasingly challenging worlds
  • Mini Mario and Friends – Special mode focused on specific Mini Mario abilities
  • Bowser’s Fury – Timed challenges against the clock

There is also a two player competitive mode where you race against another player to get your Mini Marios to the exit first.

Overall, the gameplay remains familiar to veterans of the series but introduces fresh puzzle concepts to keep even seasoned players engaged.

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New Features

Mario vs Donkey Kong brings a lot of new features for the Nintendo Switch entry:

  • HD Graphics: With a resolution bump to 1080p in docked mode, all the environments, animations, and characters pop with color and detail. This is a massive upgrade over the pixel art styles of older installments.
  • Intuitive Touch Controls: Utilize the Nintendo Switch’s touch screen with the intuitive Pointer Control to easily manipulate objects like girders, springs, and pipes to create a path for the Mini Marios. Everything handles smoothly.
  • Special Mario Abilities: Certain puzzles require creatively applying new skills, like Mini Mario’s helicopter spin hovering to cross large gaps. These expand the types of puzzles in the game.
  • Puzzle Variety: Over 150 puzzles of increasing difficulty introduce complex concepts one after another so the game stays novel and challenging. Expect to be surprised by new mechanics even deeper into the game!

Level Design

With 150+ puzzles across 6 unique worlds + special modes focused on Mario abilities and speedrun challenges, Mario vs Donkey Kong contains a vast amount of content for a reasonable price. The pacing is excellent as each world slowly introduces new enemies, puzzle mechanics, and complexity in the level design. Here are examples of themes and environments represented in the worlds:

  • World 1: Donkey Kong Jungle – Traditional jungle environments with barrels and vines
  • World 2:Mario Toy Factory – Conveyor belts, girders, and springs
  • World 3: Magikoopa Magic Show – Flips gravity and manipulate objects mysteriously
  • World 4: Mini Mario Waterslides – Aquatic environments with rising water levels
  • World 5: Haunted Mini Mario House – Ghost houses with books that flip panels and walls
  • World 6: High Tech Hijinks – Robots, lasers, magnets, and advanced technology

The variety keeps gameplay exciting from start to finish instead of growing repetitive quickly. Completing puzzles provides that perfect balance between challenge and reward thanks to playtesting and design.


You control Mario in his miniature toy form but also other characters like Pauline and Toad depending on the puzzle requirements. Each character has special abilities – for example, Toad can run very fast.

Enemies and obstacles involve Donkey Kong as the main “villain” setting traps along with his Kremling cronies like Kritters and Klaptraps. Other classic Mario baddies appear such as Shy GuysPiranha PlantsPokeys, and Thwomps that impede your progress. Some move in set patterns while others actively hunt the Mini Marios down, requiring quick reflexes.

Boss battles punctuate the end of each world as you take on Donkey Kong directly in an ultimate challenge. You’ll have to push your puzzle solving skills to the limit!


One of the best parts of Mario vs Donkey Kong on Nintendo Switch is the flexibility built into control schemes. In docked mode, you can play traditionally using the analog stick to move, face buttons to interact with objects, and triggers to rotate the camera. This caters to veterans of the series accustomed to classic controllers.

But when undocked or handheld, the touch screen shines. Using your finger or stylus with the intuitive Pointer Controls, you can directly tap and drag objects like girders and blocks effortlessly. This allows for quicker and more natural interactions. The game even provides an effortless “1-Touch Control Mode” to resolve puzzles with a single input.

You can also easily customize control mappings to your personal preference. This adaptability helps make the game accessible to the widest audience possible.

Visuals & Audio

Featuring a new HD graphical style, Mario vs Donkey Kong pops on the Nintendo Switch screen with crisp colorful worlds and smooth animations. The toy-like aesthetic gives characters and objects a tactile feel. Small touches like Mario wincing after falling add personality beyond the pixel-perfect physics and collision detection.

Audio shines with playful melodies and upbeat sound effects to match the vibrant worlds. The bouncy music motivates you cheerily towards each puzzle solution. Donkey Kong’s triumphant leitmotif mingling with regional map themes from Donkey Kong Country creates a nostalgic fusion.

Between the graphical overhaul and atmospheric soundtrack, Mario vs Donkey Kong delivers premium presentation that immerses you into its toy-filled universe. It’s a joyful playground.

Replay Value

Completing the 150+ puzzles even in a few days is easy enough thanks to the logical yet escalating challenge curve. However, this game offers plenty of replay value for completionists and score chasers.

  • There are 3 collectable Mario Toy Coins hidden across many levels, encouraging thorough exploration instead of rushing to the exit.
  • Global leaderboards let you compete for the best completion times. Speedrunning stars can really flex their skills.
  • After the credits roll, Time Attack mode activates providing an extra stiff challenge condensed into short 2 minute bursts. Think fast!
  • Additionally, Super Hard mode variants of every level await those seeking ultimate bragging rights. You’ll have mastered every intricate mechanism by the end!

With so many goals to still achieve, you’ll find yourself returning to improve times or triumph where you once failed.

Mario vs Donkey Kong (2024) Game Improvements

FeatureOriginal Mario vs. Donkey KongMario vs. Donkey Kong (2024)Improvement
GraphicsPixelated 2DColorful 3D art styleModernized visuals, more engaging look
MultiplayerSingle-player onlyLocal co-op with ToadIncreased replayability, social experience
Game ModesStandard stagesStandard stages, Time Attack modeMore variety, challenges players in different ways
Stage DesignSimpler layoutsMore complex challenges, hidden secretsIncreased difficulty and puzzle-solving elements
Difficulty OptionsLimitedEasy, Normal, HardCater to all skill levels, encourages replayability
Content VarietyLimited number of stagesBonus stages, mini-gamesMore things to see and do, increases value
Music and SoundChiptune soundtrackUpdated music and sound effectsEnhanced ambience, better fits the modern feel
AccessibilityNoneTutorials, hintsEasier to learn and play for newcomers
StoryMinimal narrativeLighthearted story adds contextMore engaging experience for younger players


Overall, Mario vs Donkey Kong earns a 4.5/5 star rating as a must-have Nintendo Switch puzzle game, especially for owners of touch-screen models. The portable nature makes it easy to chip away at a few puzzles or blast through dozens in addicting marathon play sessions. New features like HD graphics and intuitive touch controls supplement the strong level design with clever concepts and escalating challenges across over 150 stages. And with numerous collectables to gather, leader-board times to set, and bonus modes unlocked, this game begs to be replayed while retaining freshness.

Some flaws like the lack of online multiplayer and slightly slippery handling of touch controls hold Mario vs Donkey Kong back from true greatness. But it still remains highly recommended to all fans of the puzzle genre looking for an engaging test of wits with tons of variety. The history and charm of Mario’s brightly colored universe thrives on the Nintendo Switch thanks to execution that feels like the definitive Mario vs Donkey Kong package. Download it and enjoy the fireworks!

So in summary…


  • Over 150 clever and escalating puzzles
  • New HD graphical style with a tactile toy aesthetic
  • Innovative touch screen controls for intuitive play
  • Tons of variety across modes, collectables and challenges
  • Local co-op multiplayer for competitive rivalries


  • No online multiplayer options
  • Touch controls take a bit of practice


The newest Mario vs Donkey Kong entry for Nintendo Switch in 2024 excels as a must-have for puzzle platform fans. With inventive and escalating level design leveraging the portable and touch screen nature of the hardware, no other Mario vs Donkey Kong title has felt this naturally tailored for the host platform before. Fun local co-op, collectables to gather, global leader boards promoting replay ability, and nods to series history encapsulate a complete package. Some slightly slippery touch controls hold it back from being flawless. But overall the value proposition and crafted puzzle game-play make this a Easy top recommendation for your Switch library.

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