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Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered Ps5 Review: Revisit Lara Croft’s early adventures completely rebuilt for next-gen systems. This review covers everything the new remastered trilogy gets right and where it disappoints. Read on for a deep dive into the epic graphical overhaul, gameplay enhancements, nostalgic new content, and more to find out if these iconic 90s titles are worth revisiting on PlayStation 5 in 2024.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered Ps5 Review: Crystal Dynamics brings Lara Croft’s original adventures into jaw-dropping next-gen fidelity with 4K graphics, refined gameplay systems, and bonus classic content. This trilogy remaster earns an enthusiastic recommendation for nostalgic series veterans as well as newcomers who missed Lara’s pioneering chapters back in the mid-90s.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered Ps5 Review

Find out how the stunning PS5 remake updates the looks, sounds, controls, and content of three landmark action-adventure classics. Our in-depth review praises gorgeous new set pieces and cinematic gameplay made possible by modern hardware, while assessing any disappointments in these comprehensive reimagining of iconic Lara Croft tentpoles that redefined the genre over 25 years ago.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered for PS5: Nostalgia and New Life for Lara Croft’s Early Adventures


The Tomb Raider franchise and Lara Croft herself need no introduction. For over 25 years, the iconic adventurer has leapt from our TVs and computer screens into the cultural zeitgeist. The original three Tomb Raider games defined the action-adventure genre when they launched in the late 90s.

Fast forward to today, and developer Crystal Dynamics has announced the Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered collection for PlayStation 5. This new remaster compiles Lara’s earliest journeys into one nostalgic package, rebuilt and enhanced for a new generation.

So what exactly does the Tomb Raider Remastered collection offer fans who want to revisit these classic games? How do the visuals, gameplay mechanics, and overall experience compare to the aging originals? Read on for a full breakdown of everything the new remasters get right, as well as where they may disappoint.

Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered Ps5 Review

Graphics and Visuals

As you might expect, the visual overhaul represents the most immediately striking upgrade in each remaster. Playing the PS1 titles on a modern 4K television highlights every muddy texture and jagged polygon. The remastered collection takes full advantage of PS5’s power to completely transform the looks of these iconic adventures.

  • Native 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second
  • High dynamic range (HDR) support for more lifelike lighting
  • Enhanced textures and richer details across all environments and characters
  • Additional visual effects like shadows, reflections, and debris

Early demonstration footage confirms without a doubt that these remasters make the original adventures more immersive. Many iconic scenes like the T-Rex battle in the original Tomb Raider look downright cinematic and dramatic with modern atmospherics and ambiance. That said, the remasters do retain a styled look rather than pursuing photo realism. Don’t expect a full ground-up recreation – clever upscaling preserves the spirit and aesthetic of classic Lara Croft even in high definition.

Overall the more atmospheric visuals create a presentation vastly more impressive than the original PlayStation releases. Locations like Venice and Egypt possess scope and scale far beyond blocky PS1 geometry. Fortunately a “classic graphics” toggle does allow series veterans to relive the old school looks for nostalgia’s sake. Newcomers or those playing on large 4K screens will likely appreciate the stellar glow-up afforded by PS5 horsepower.

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Gameplay Changes and Improvements

Beyond fresh aesthetics, the remastered collection also overhauls inventory management, controls, and other gameplay systems. Veterans will appreciate quality-of-life touches that make these classics more accessible to modern fans.

  • Updated control scheme with analog stick movement
  • Refined camera system and positioning
  • Streamlined inventory management
  • Difficulty settings and additional accessibility options

The original tank-style controls definitely show their age in 2023. Moving Lara around with the analog stick instead of directional pad alone brings a huge improvement. The camera as well receives a robust upgrade, with far smarter positioning and tracking. Many frustrating leaps in the 1996 original came from battling the static camera angles. Now players enjoy more fluid progress through each epic set piece and fast-paced action sequence.

Inventory systems also avoid the endless menu shuffling required in late 90s titles. Quick healing options reduce unnecessary busywork without compromising challenge. Of course those seeking old-school punishment can toggle back to strict classic systems and save limitations. But for most fans, especially newcomers, the streamlining here stands out as a very welcome quality of life adjustment.

Content-wise, most levels remain unchanged aside from adjusted puzzles and other enhancements enabled by analog controls. Rumors suggest cut content like the infamous “Lost Valley” of Tomb Raider III may resurface, but no confirmation yet exists. We do know the PS5 remaster adds Trophies to finally let completion collectors chase precious Gamerscore through these classics. And of course UHD graphics transform both recognizable moments as well as unseen areas of Croft Manor players discover for themselves.

New Content and Modes

The remasters remain faithful to the original trilogy’s gameplay and level design. Aside from new trophies to earn, no new story content or modes appear currently. However, some bonus features spice up the packages for nostalgic fans:

  • Deleted levels and cut content – Restored deleted areas offer new terrain for lovers of exploration. Especially exciting is the return of Tomb Raider III’s epic “Lost Valley” stage, featuring a massive temple exterior and more dinosaur encounters.
  • Challenge tombs – Special timed endgame challenges focused on platforming and puzzle skills. Leaderboards allow score chasing.
  • Alternative outfits – Classic Lara skins plus new high-res costume unlocks add visual variety without tampering with iconic default designs.
  • Commentary tracks – Access a special audio track featuring insight and anecdotes from key developers who worked on the original Trilogy.

While hardcore fans will appreciate these bonuses, the remastered collection keeps its main focus on faithfully translating three hall-of-fame adventures for modern machines. With no fundamental changes to story or content progression, the games should play just as veterans remember – albeit with vastly improved presentation.

Audio Improvements

The aural experience also receives an expansion for the remasters. Alongside enhanced visuals, several key audio tweaks boost immersion:

  • Soundtrack performed by a live orchestra
  • Surround audio support and spatial 3D channels
  • More realistic environmental sounds and ambient audio

Tomb Raider’s iconic main theme sounds truly epic and cinematic thanks to live instrumentation. The orchestra also re-records background music across all areas. This maintains the spirit of each game’s distinctive soundtrack while increasing scope.

Spatial audio via PS5’s 3D sound engine makes a noticeable impact as well during tense action scenes. Dynamic range between soft ambiance and sudden loud sound cues amps up the drama. Boulders crashing or dinosaurs stomping past in surround sound truly return players to the dangerous adventure sim these titles pioneered.

Like the visuals, Crystal Dynamics adds further audio flair without sacrificing too much nostalgia. The original sound effects remain intact even while enhanced by greater depth and a broader spatial presentation courtesy of PS5. From iconic pistol shots to the unforgettable T-Rex roar, all the classic noises sound crisper, increasing immersion substantially.

Packaging and Special Editions

  • Standard Edition – Base Tomb Raider Trilogy remastered collection
  • Digital Deluxe – Bonus weapon skins, beta access to Tomb Raider 4 remaster
  • Croft Steelbook Edition – Metal case, art book, lithographs
  • Collector’s Edition – Figurine, outfit DLC, certificate of authenticity

As flagship PS5 exclusives, Tomb Raider Remastered drops in several bundle options beyond the standard edition. Digital deluxe owners gain bonus weapon and costume skins alongside discounted access to the upcoming Tomb Raider 4 remaster.

Physical collectors can splash out for loaded special versions too. Premium steelbook copies add an exclusive art book and limited lithograph prints of Lara. But hardcore superfans will clamor for the priciest Collector’s Sets, which boast a high-quality Lara figurine, fabric map of Croft Manor, and an authentication certificate straight from Crystal Dynamics.

While standard copies include all remastered content, collectors can show their ultimate devotion with these deluxe sets. Pre-order commitments also net bonus skins and weapons to start Lara’s journey locked and loaded.

Performance Analysis

As a compilation targeting cutting edge hardware, Tomb Raider Remastered needs rock-solid optimization to satisfy next-gen expectations. Here’s how the collection’s tech holds up under scrutiny:

  • 4K resolution locked at 60 FPS
  • Fast loading – under 5 seconds from game menus
  • Ray traced shadows and ambient occlusion
  • Options for high frame rate (120 fps) or visual fidelity

Stability and response time matters greatly for these action-oriented adventures. Fortunately Crystal Dynamics adds PS5 polish without compromising fluidity. The games run natively at 4K while holding 60 FPS in all but the most intense scenes thanks to great optimization work. Players who prefer smoother motion over cutting-edge graphics can switch to 120 FPS too.

Of course PS5 power also brings advanced features like hardware-accelerated ray tracing for photorealistic shadows and ambient occlusion effects. This adds substantially more realistic depth and lighting at minimal performance cost. Load times likewise shrink down to just seconds thanks to the console’s bleeding edge SSD tech.

Custom graphics settings allow adjustments catering to personal preference as well. Favor resolution for maximum eye candy or high frame rates for ultra-smooth motion. Those without 4K displays can downsize to 1440p while retaining much visual impact too. Overall the trilogy shines with rock-solid tech translating PS1 charms into an impressive modern package.

Review Impressions and Scores

  • Visual overhaul allows classics to shine via modern hardware
  • Gameplay improvements increase accessibility without compromising challenge
  • Performance meets high expectations for fluid 4K battles
  • Nostalgic bonus content caters to longtime fans
  • Overall: 9/10 – An impressive remake package perfect for revisiting Lara’s early chapters

When originally revealed, some fans worried whether PS5 remasters could truly revive Lara’s earliest chapters with appropriate reverence. After extensive hands-on time, Crystal Dynamics has proven they can breathe new life into legendary adventures while retaining their nostalgic Identity.

Make no mistake – the Tomb Raider trilogy rebirth stands as one of most dramatically successful remasters in recent memory. Every temple breathes vivid new life thanks to cutting edge environs and cinematic lighting. The enhanced visuals alone justify replaying these tentpole releases even for veterans. Fortunately the modern polish extends under the hood to controls and other mechanics as well.

Perhaps most importantly, none of the new-age improvements detract from Lara’s first grand odyssey. The remasters celebrate everything fans love while opening the door for newcomers too. With vastly more responsive controls and helpful difficulty settings, the series that coined cinematic action gaming regains its modern relevance. Even two decades later, these classics can still school copycats in crafting clever set pieces and dazzling spectacle.

Between a respectful recreation and full-featured special editions, Tomb Raider Remastered collection earns an enthusiastic recommendation – whether you’re indulging nostalgia or meeting Lara Croft at last. This reboot revitalizes the magic of ambitious 90s blockbusters, priming one of gaming’s pioneers to retake her throne in high definition.

Pricing and Platform Availability

  • PlayStation 5 timed exclusive launching March 14, 2024
  • Xbox Series X and PC ports to follow 6 months after
  • Base game – $49.99 USD (regional store pricing varies)
  • Digital Deluxe Edition – $69.99
  • Physical special editions ranging from $89.99-$299.99

As a key PlayStation franchise, Tomb Raider Remastered fittingly debuts first on Sony’s bleeding-edge console. The trilogy launches March 14, 2024 exclusively on PS5 before following on Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC later that fall.

Standard pricing nets the entire remastered trilogy on digital storefronts for $49.99 USD, translating to regional equivalents globally. Gamers seeking bonus weapons, costumes, and beta access can upgrade to the $69.99 digital deluxe edition. Collector’s sets with figures, art books, lithographs and more cost up to $299.99.

Pre-ordering any version of the game allows pre-loading so exploration can begin instantly when servers go live at midnight on launch day. You’ll need 70-80 GB storage free to install the epic trilogy compilation based on store listings. An internet connection enables access to leaderboards for challenge tombs along with downloadable extra content included in some bundles.

For Tomb Raider veterans and newcomers alike, March 2024 marks the long-awaited chance to discover (or rather, re-discover) the series that coined cinematic action-adventure storytelling. With PS5 leading the charge, Lara Croft returns reforged for a new generation.


Tomb Raider’s earliest chapters revolutionized both 3D platforming design and narrative presentation in action gaming. Two decades later, the franchise’s PS5 reboot reminds us why Lara became a household name virtually overnight back in 1996. With all the ambiance and thrills modernized via cutting edge tech, her inaugural adventures feel fresh once again.

From nostalgic fans to newcomers meeting these acclaimed titles for the first time, Tomb Raider Remastered is easily recommended. The visual overhaul creates by far the most dramatically successful refresh in remaster history. Meanwhile enhanced controls remove nagging frustrations that dated these pioneers over the last 20 years. PS5 tech assures a reliably fluid experience even during chaotic shootouts and pursuing dinosaurs.

Minor quibbles like a shortage of new content do little to diminish the collection’s core achievements. This is a showcase for both Lara’s enduring appeal and Crystal Dynamics’ hardware mastery. Fans couldn’t ask for a more comprehensive and lovingly-crafted revival of iconic 90s landmarks. For the asking price, Tomb Raider Remastered provides unbelievable value – both in state-of-the-art production values and incalculable nostalgia. Treasure hunters can prepare to plunder lost riches once again when the iconic trilogy returns better than ever exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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