Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC Review | Is It Worth It ?

Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC Review: This in-depth review covers everything included in Splatoon 3’s first DLC expansion. We analyze the new stages, costumes, rewards, salmonid co-op missions, and Anarchy Rainbow Turf War mode. See whether the chaotic unpredictable matches plus extra maps and outfits justify the $20 price tag or if you should wait for a sale instead.

Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC Review

The Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC adds fresh content like two new maps set on sloped city streets and sunny can always. Anarchy Rainbow spices up 4v4 Turf War with random modifiers for over 150 stage variants. New co-op missions bring frenetic salmonid battles but rewards feel lackluster. While enjoyable, minor shortcomings prevent a full recommendation. Fans will love the new features but more casual players may want to hold off for a discount.

In the end Splatoon veterans will get the most bang for their buck from the Side Order DLC with its transforming Turf War and extra gear. The maps, weapons, costumes, and modes build on an already phenomenal core game. But issues like disappointing mission prizes stop the DLC from earning exemplary scores. Still a must-buy for serious Splat fest devotees hungry for more content.

Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC Review


Splatoon 3: Side Order is a single-player DLC for the popular action game Splatoon 3 which launched in February 2024. It introduces a new roguelike mode called “The Spire of Order,” challenging players to ascend a towering structure filled with enemies and bosses.

This Side Order DLC introduces new content to the base Splatoon 3 game, including two extra stages, food-themed costumes, an additional mode called Anarchy Rainbow, and missions that let players earn rewards.

The Side Order DLC is priced at $19.99 and is only compatible with the full version of Splatoon 3. It cannot be played as standalone content.

In this in-depth review, we will assess every element included in the Side Order DLC to see if it’s worth paying $20 for the additional Splatoon 3 content or if you’re better off waiting for a sale.

We will evaluate factors like:

  • The design and gameplay of the new stages
  • The style and appeal of the fresh food costumes
  • The replay value provided by Anarchy Rainbow
  • If the rewards justify completing missions

New Stages

The Side Order DLC introduces two new stages – Inkopolis Slopes and Conch Canal – taking place in new locations with unique layouts.

Inkopolis Slopes

This stage features sloped terrain in an urban city setting. The slopes create new movement dynamics, allowing players to gain speed by inking downhill runs. This enables swift flanking maneuvers during firefights.

However, sloped layouts also pose challenges for inking turf efficiently compared to flat stages. There is a central tower that offers a vantage point for chargers. The stage transitions from day to night, altering visibility.

Overall, Inkopolis Slopes brings creative new geometry to matches with its iconic sloped streets. But the uneven terrain may frustrate certain weapons that rely on inking ground quickly.

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Conch Canal

Conch Canal has winding pathways surrounded by water, with a prominent central structure. Players can swim or super jump across gaps to traverse quickly while avoiding routes blocked by barriers.

Splatlings and other range-focused weapons excel by posting up on the central tower or side routes protected by water gaps. Shorter range shooters must cleverly use paths and barriers to flank.

Conch Canal features vibrant sunset colors and beachside aesthetics. Seashells, sandcastles, and beach umbrellas accent the environment.

In summary, Conch Canal introduces more complexity with its winding layout and central structure. This enables various viable strategies catering to different weapon types.

Fresh Food Costumes

The Side Order DLC includes a collection of stylish fresh food costumes inspired by various dishes like tempura shrimp, blueberry cake rolls, tomato soup, etc.

The costumes feature colorful food props and accessories like plates, forks, and sauce splatters. The style embodies Splatoon’s signature wacky aesthetics. However, some costumes translate better than others.

For example, the Carpaccio Di Lombargine outfit successfully incorporates actual slices of carpaccio into a fresher-than-fresh look. But the Tomato Soup costume feels low-effort since it’s just a red robe and hat.

In the end, the food costumes continue Splatoon’s tradition of unique style representing various interests like fashion or food. But the quality varies.

Anarchy Rainbow Tour

This new mode, Anarchy Rainbow, applies random stage modifiers during 4v4 Turf War matches to increase unpredictability. Modifiers include things like:

  • Fog reducing visibility
  • Extra ink regeneration
  • Random enemy inkstrikes
  • Surging flood waters

There are over 150 possible stage variants that rotate daily. This provides tremendous replay value compared to standard Turf War on fixed stages. Having to adapt play strategies to shifting conditions keeps Anarchy Rainbow exciting.

New themes and gear are rewarded at the end of each match based on personal performance or team outcome. This further incentivizes playing Anarchy games.

Overall, Anarchy Rainbow is an enjoyable evolution of traditional Turf War, increasing replayability through unpredictable modifiers andbonus rewards.

Missions and Rewards

The DLC adds cooperative missions pitting 2-4 players against formidable boss salmonids. Teamwork is required to meet demanding egg collection quotas under tight time limits.

Completing missions earns players titles, badges, and Gold Sheldon Licenses. These licenses unlock new weapon variants and gear with different secondary abilities.

However, the rewards feel lackluster for the effort required. Spending 10 minutes narrowly defeating challenging salmonids should offer cooler prizes than just basic profile customization upgrades.

So in summary, the DLC missions bring frantic cooperative salmonid battles but the reward output feels underwhelming.

Final Verdict

The Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC merits a 7.5 out of 10 rating.

The two new stages, bonus rewards from Anarchy Rainbow, and extra co-op missions add fun meaningful content to the base game. However, the rewards from missions feel insignificant for the effort required. And costume quality varies.

Ultimately, dedicated Splatoon fans will appreciate the new unpredictable Turf War mode plus extra maps and gear most. But waiting for a 50% sale might be recommended for more casual players just looking to lightly expand their experience.


Splatoon 3: Side Order DLC offers a solid and engaging single-player experience for existing fans. The roguelike gameplay provides a refreshing challenge, bolstered by a new story, diverse weapons, and a fantastic soundtrack.

Splatoon 3’s first DLC offering brings exciting variable Turf War and salmonid missions supplemented by additional maps, weapons, gear, and costumes. But minor shortcomings like lackluster mission rewards prevent the Side Order from earning top marks.

Still, Nintendo will likely build on this initial expansion with future DLC that fleshes out existing features while introducing brand new elements. And we eagerly anticipate seeing how the Splatoon franchise continues evolving.

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