Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day 2024 | An Event Full of Fun

Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day 2024 will be celebrated on 2/25 featuring boosted Chansey spawns, 3x catch rewards, reduced egg distances, 3-hour incense/lures, and the debut of Shiny Chansey.

Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day Event 2024.

Read this ultimate guide for details on Chansey Community Day including featured bonuses, shiny hunting tips, and analysis of Blissey’s exclusive move. Learn strategies to maximize Chansey catches during the 3 hour event window including utilizing incense, finding nest locations, and coordinated egg hatching tactics with super incubators to fully leverage the limited time bonuses


Pokemon GO Chansey’s Community Day events offer exciting bonuses and perks for players. The next event will spotlight the popular Normal-type Pokemon Go Chansey and provide a perfect opportunity to catch, evolve, and power up this useful gym defender.

In this ultimate guide, we provide everything you need to know for the Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day, including date, times, bonuses, and tips to make the most of the event.

What is Chansey Community Day?

For those who are unfamiliar with Pokemon GO Chansey, Community Day is a monthly celebration of a certain Pokemon that lasts for three hours. Trainers have plenty of opportunities to capture the highlighted Pokemon because of the significant rise in wild spawns of these creatures worldwide during this special event. The next Community Day will be held on Saturday, February 25 from 2-5PM local time and will spotlight the beloved and iconic Pokemon Go Chansey.

Some key things to know about Chansey Community Day:

  • Wild Chansey spawns will drastically increase everywhere for a 3 hour period
  • Special limited time Chansey-themed bonuses and perks
  • Chance for players to catch a Shiny Chansey
  • Opportunity to evolve Chansey into Blissey and learn an exclusive move

So in short, Chansey Community Day offers increased wild spawns, bonuses, and even a debut shiny release for a short 3 hour window, giving all players high incentives to go out and play!

An Overview of Pokemon GO Chansey

Before we dive into the Community Day specifics, let’s overview some key things to know about Chansey:

Chansey Statistics:

Max CPTypesBase Capture Rate

Notable Attributes:

  • High HP stat makes it an ideal gym defender
  • Can have high IVs useful for trainer battles
  • Evolves into formidable Blissey with immense bulk
  • Useful for short manning raids by providing bulk rather than DPS
  • Rare spawn outside events leading to lack of XL candy

In the mainseries Pokemon games, Chansey had the highest HP stat and self-healing moves, allowing it to outlast opponents. This tremendous bulk carries over to Pokemon GO, making Chansey and its evolution Blissey top tier gym defenders.

Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day 2024

Pokemon GO Chansey trainers kicked off 2024 in style with the hugely popular Chansey Community Day event held on Saturday, February 25. This celebration spotlighted the beloved Normal-type Pokemon Chansey for a special 3 hour duration.

During the short event window, wild Chansey spawned abundantly worldwide giving trainers high incentive to play. Huge catches yielded mountains of useful XL candy to power up competitive Chanseys and Blisseys.

The event also saw other bonuses including:

  • 3x Catch Stardust and XP to level up quicker
  • 3-Hour Incense and Lure Modules further bolstering spawns
  • 1/4 Hatch Distance for aligning 10KM eggs with Chansey hatches

Alongside boosted spawns, Pokemon GO Chansey finally debuted the long awaited release of Shiny Chansey! This very rare pink variant was heavily featured during event hours with clearly boosted shiny rates.

Many trainers lucked out securing multiple sparkling pink additions to show off in gyms. Those still hunting have renewed motivation to keep chasing this treasured shiny Chansey!

Overall, Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day 2024 gave trainers the first real chance at catching, powering up, and landing shiny versions of this iconic and meta-relevant Pokemon.

Tips and Strategies

To maximize your gameplay experience during the short 3 hour Chansey Community Day event window, utilize these key tips and strategies:


  • Use Pinap berries when catching Chansey to receive double candy, allowing you to accumulate Chansey candy at a rapid pace.
  • Try executing excellent curveball throws to boost catch rate and XP per catch.
  • If low on Pokeballs, focus only on high CP Chanseys as priorities. You can always catch more later.


  • Align opening gifts before 2PM to have 7KM friend eggs align with reduced 1/4 hatch distance bonus.
  • Use infinite-use incubators on 2KM eggs, limited-use incubators on 10KM/7KM eggs.
  • If possible, intentionally leave egg slots open to receive new ones right at 2PM start.

Stardust Farming

  • Use Star Piece for entire event duration to get 4,500 stardust per Chansey catch.
  • Catch everything you see, not just Chansey! Stockpile stardust.
  • “Quick Catch Trick” allows fast catching without encounter animations.


  • Lucky trade Chanseys caught for guaranteed XL Candy per trade.
  • Mirror trade Chanseys to reroll IVs and get a chance at Luckies.
  • Save high IV Chanseys to potentially trade to friends who could not participate.

Shiny Hunting Tips

All trainers highly anticipate the debut of Shiny Chansey making its first ever appearance in Pokemon GO Chansey. Here are some tips to boost your shiny luck during the event window:

  • Constantly quick-catch every Pokemon GO Chansey you see to maximize encounters.
  • Prioritize clicking on pink Chansey first if a cluster spawns together, as it may be the shiny.
  • Travel to known high-density spawn points like parks and nests to increase odds.
  • Trade Chanseys with friends afterwards for a chance to score a lucky shiny!

The below infographics explains Pokemon Go Chansey event:

Blissey’s Exclusive Event Move Analysis

When evolving Chansey into Blissey during event hours or the allotted 2 hour grace period, it will randomly receive one of two possible exclusive event moves added permanently to its movepool.

The two speculated moves are Hyper Beam or Dazzling Gleam. But which is the better addition for your Blisseys? Here is a comparative analysis:

MoveTypePowerEnergyNotable Attributes
Hyper BeamNormal150100– Blissey’s highest power move <br/> – Can be hard to dodge
Dazzling GleamFairy10055– Spammier <br/> – More consistent neutral damage

Overall, both moves have situational advantages for Blissey in battle. Hyper Beam grants a devastating nuke option while Dazzling Gleam offers more reliable spam potential.

Consider your intended Blissey battle league when making a decision. Master League players need the power, while Dazzling Gleam likely fits better in Great League. Those gym defending may also prefer Hyper Beam’s brute force!

Pokemon GO Chansey Community Day Bonuses and Features

The main draw of Community Day events are the various limited-time bonuses that give players huge incentives to go out hunting. Here are the exclusive bonuses trainers can take advantage of during the 3 hour Chansey Community Day:

Bonus 1: Increased Chansey Spawns

The staple of any Community Day is a dramatic worldwide increase in spawns of the featured Pokemon GO Chansey . For the 3 hour event duration, wild Chansey will spawn abundantly giving all trainers ample catching opportunities.

Even rarer spawn points like nests, parks, and nature reserves will commonly have Chansey spawns during the event. This presents a perfect chance to stock up on Chanseys to evolve or power up.

Bonus 2: 3x Catch Stardust

Catching any Pokemon during event hours will reward 3 times the normal Stardust, adding up very quickly.Pair this with Star Pieces to get even more value. Catch those Chanseys!

Bonus 3: 1/4 Hatch Distance

Eggs placed in incubators during event hours will hatch at one-quarter the normal distance required. Take advantage by having some spare incubators and aligning 10KM eggs to hatch rare Chanseys.

Bonus 4: 3-Hour Incense/Lures

Incense and Lure Modules activated during the event will last for 3 hours rather than the usual 1 hour – fantastic value. Lure PokeStops in PokéStop/Gym dense areas to maximize spawns.

Shiny Chansey Debuts!

Alongside boosted spawns, all Community Days debut a special Shiny variant of the featured Pokémon. For Chansey Community Day, the extremely rare Shiny Chansey will be released and available in the wild for the first time!

Shiny Chansey has pink skin rather than light yellow and looks absolutely adorable. As with all Community Days, Shiny rates during the 3 hour window will be significantly boosted compared to normal, estimated around 1 in 25.

Make sure to pinap any Shiny Chansey catches to stock up on that sweet purple candy! Then show them off proudly in gyms afterwards!

Blissey’s Exclusive Event Move

Evolving Pokemon GO Chansey into Blissey during event hours or up to 2 hours after will grant Blissey an exclusive event-only move. While unconfirmed, popular speculation is around Hyper Beam or Dazzling Gleam.

Having event exclusive moves makes your Pokemon uniquely special. Analyze Blissey’s movesets to consider which exclusive Charged Move would fit best for your preferred league!

Strategies to Maximize Spawns

With only 3 short hours for the event, make sure to utilize these key strategies to maximize your Chansey catches:

  • Use incense – Chansey will be attracted to incense very frequently during the event duration. Pop one at the start!
  • Find nests/parks – Check local nests and park hotspots which will have swarming Chansey spawns from start to finish.
  • Use Glacial/Mossy Lure Modules at PokéStops – Chansey is attracted to both lure types.
  • Coordinate eggs with Super Incubators to align hatching right at 2PM. Then use spare incubators on all eggs.

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The upcoming Chansey Community Day provides the long-awaited opportunity to catch this rare Pokémon Go Chansey event. Take advantage of all the special bonuses, raid non-stop, and hopefully add a Shiny Chansey to your roster!

Enjoy pokemon Go Chansey


Which Community Day is coming in Pokémon GO? 

The upcoming day in Pokemon GO is Chansey Pokemon GO. This will be celebrated on February 25, 2023 from 2 PM to 5 PM local time.

What time is Chansey Community Day? 

Chansey Community Day takes place on February 25 from 2-5 PM local time in your timezone.

Is Rowlet shiny?

Yes, Shiny Rowlet has been available in the game since it first debuted. It has green feathers instead of brown.

What color is shiny Grubbin? 

Shiny Grubbin is a light orange color instead of its normal purple color.

How do you get mew2 in Pokémon GO? 

Mewtwo has been available to battle and catch after defeating it in five-star raid battles. It also has been featured in special research tasks.

Is Pokémon GO free to play? 

Yes, it is free for mobile phones and other such devices. However, there are some in-app purchases which are optional.

What to expect for Pokemon Go Community Day? 

Expect featured Pokémon spawns everywhere, event bonuses like stardust or XP, chance for a Shiny, and a special move for evolving the featured Pokémon.

What are the benefits of Community Day Pokemon go? 

You get boosted spawns, bonuses, a shot at a shiny variant, and a exclusive move from evolution during the short event window.

How long do Pokémon Community Days last? 

Community Days last for 3 hours typically from 11AM-2PM in your local time zone.

What is the reward of the Community Day in Pokemon go? 

The rewards include rapid catches of the featured Pokémon for mass candy/XP, big bonuses, a new exclusive move, and the chance to obtain that Pokémon’s new Shiny variant.

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