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Jeremy Hansen Canadian Space Astronaut Biography: In year 2009 Jeremy Hansen is one of the most active and intelligent astronaut who is selected to train for future spaceflights. He has been involved in critical mission support roles like operating Canadarm2 and consulting on future lunar programs. Hansen continues intensive training while awaiting assignment for his first space mission to the ISS or potentially a commercial spacecraft.

Jeremy Hansen is an astronaut from Canadian Space Agency (CSA) who will be first ever Canadian fly to the Moon on the Artemis II mission, Orion spacecraft launching on the SLS rocket the first crewed flight test will be perform, Today we will tell Jeremy Hansen Canadian Space Astronaut Biography that you can know all the information related to him.

Hansen’s lifelong journey to become an astronaut from his early fascination with space to studying engineering and piloting fighter jets in the Canadian Forces. It covers his selection and extensive training as one of only two astronauts chosen in Canada’s latest 2009 recruitment campaign.

Jeremy Hansen Canadian Space Astronaut Biography

Jeremy Hansen’s aspirations to carry on the celebrated legacy of Canadian astronauts who came before him like Chris Hadfield, Marc Garneau and Roberta Bondar once he rockets off the planet himself on an ambitious future spaceflight. The post discusses his potential pioneering contributions to Canada’s space program and global space exploration efforts.

Jeremy Hansen’s Incredible Journey to Becoming Canada’s Next Astronaut in Space


  • Early Life and Interest in Space
  • Studying Engineering and Becoming a Fighter Pilot
  • Selection as a Canadian Space Agency Astronaut


Jeremy Hansen has had an incredible journey to become one of Canada’s active astronauts preparing for future spaceflights. From a young pilot fascinated by spaceflight to his selection as one of two new Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronauts in 2009, Hansen has already made history for the Canadian space program.

As Hansen continues intensive training and works on cutting-edge space programs, he waits eagerly for the opportunity to launch into space himself. He stands ready as backup crew for upcoming International Space Station (ISS) missions.

Once assigned a spaceflight, Hansen will carry on Canada’s celebrated legacy in space as only the fourth Canadian to participate in human space exploration first started by Marc Garneau and Roberta Bondar. Read Jeremy Hansen’s inspiring path to becoming Canada’s next astronaut in space.

Jeremy Hansen Canadian Space Astronaut Biography

Early Life and Interest in Space

Jeremy Hansen was born in 1976 in London, Ontario, Canada to father Rick Hansen and mother Sue Hansen. His family later moved to the Airdrie area near Calgary, Alberta while Hansen was still young.

The majestic beauty of the Alberta landscape and staring up at the expansive prairie night sky is what first sparked Hansen’s lifelong fascination with exploring space.

He recalls endless nights camping outside and gazing at the stars, imagining himself floating among them. These early formative experiences instilled in Hansen a passion for space and aviation from a young age.

Studying Engineering and Becoming a Fighter Pilot

Hansen’s interest in space led him to study mechanical engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 1999. He was also commissioned as an officer in the Canadian Forces (CF) during his time at RMC.

After graduating, Hansen attended pilot training school, learning to fly the CF-18 Hornet fighter jet. He was one of only a handful of rookie pilots selected, highlighting his immense skills and competitiveness.

As a fighter pilot, Hansen flew operational missions and even faced combat duty policing the No Fly Zone over Iraq after 9/11. He served several tours displaying superb piloting abilities and a calm demeanor under pressure.

In his spare time, Hansen continued pursuing his passion for astronomy and rockets by building small model rockets and telescopes. He joined astronomy clubs, watching meteor showers and volunteering at community star gazing events for children whenever he could.

Through these early experiences as a young pilot, engineer and amateur astronaut enthusiast, Hansen developed many of the qualities viewed as ideal in astronaut candidates- excellence in science and technology, military operational skills, and a dedication to space exploration.

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Selection as a Canadian Space Agency Astronaut

When the Canadian Space Agency put out a call for new astronauts in 2008, Jeremy Hansen knew he had to seize the opportunity. He prepared extensively, undergoing all the rigorous physical and aptitude testing.

In May 2009, Hansen accomplished his lifelong dream when he was selected along with David Saint-Jacques to be one of two new Canadian astronauts, marking only the third recruitment campaign in CSA history.

“Being selected to represent my country as one of its next astronauts is a true honor and privilege,” remarked an elated Hansen at the time. “I am excited for the challenge of pushing the bounds of human space exploration.”

Hansen reported for duty as an Astronaut Candidate in August 2009 at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, beginning two grueling years of Basic Training. He underwent instruction in critical spaceflight disciplines:

  • Robotic operations – learning to operate the Canadarm2 aboard the ISS
  • Space station systems – intensive study of all ISS life support and technical aspects
  • Spacewalks – trained underwater for potential future EVAs to service spacecraft and station
  • Isolation studies – living in confined habitats to simulate long-duration missions
  • Aircraft flight readiness – maintaining jet piloting skills for Landing emergency returns

Hansen also engaged in thorough mission simulations for all essential astronaut functions such as spacecraft commander, Pilot, or Mission Specialist. In addition, he continued honing his Russian language abilities critical for working alongside cosmonauts.

After successfully completing Basic Training in July 2011, Jeremy Hansen officially became certified for spaceflight assignments as an active CSA astronaut. He moved back to Montreal, eager to fly into space soon himself.

Here is the next section on Jeremy Hansen’s missions and contributions at the Canadian Space Agency:

Missions and Contributions at CSA

As an active Canadian astronaut, Jeremy Hansen took on important roles supporting CSA’s space exploration objectives and cutting-edge programs.

He served rotations as CAPCOM (Capsule Communicator) in NASA’s Mission Control Center, relaying key messages between the control team on the ground and astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Hansen also worked on analogue missions operated by space agencies to test concepts for future human planetary exploration. He participated in the 2011 NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) underwater program, living and conducting moonwalk experiments from the ocean floor.

More recently, Hansen has contributed to developing Canada’s next generation robotic technologies to be used for lunar and Mars exploration missions:

  • Working on Canadarm3 concepts for supporting human and robotic operations in orbit around the Moon
  • Assisting with AI robotics research to enable autonomous rover vehicles on the lunar surface
  • Advising the Gateway Lunar Outpost program – a pivotal part of future Artemis missions

In addition, Hansen has supported Orion – NASA’s state-of-the-art new crew vehicle designed to take astronauts back to the Moon and beyond.

Through these significant roles, Jeremy Hansen leverages his engineering background and astronaut expertise to push forward Canada’s future space exploration plans.

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Jeremy Hansen Personal Life

Outside his dedication to the space program, Astronaut Jeremy Hansen leads an active personal life centered around family.

Hansen married his wife Cathy Fraser in 2004 after meeting her through mutual friends. Cathy worked as a teacher but later shifted careers to run a local bakery featuring her custom cakes and pastries.

The couple have two sons – Alex and Adam born in 2006 and 2008. The family lives together in Saint-Lambert, Quebec located just outside Montreal.

Balancing intense astronaut training that requires frequent travel and long deployments with family time remains a constant challenge. Yet Hansen sticks adamantly by the value of prioritizing his wife and sons despite his unrelenting schedule.

Whenever he gets downtime between training, Hansen loves nothing more than camping or fishing trips with the boys. His oldest son Alex shares his passion for astronomy and rockets, while youngest son Adam partakes in Scouts with his father as Scout leader.

Hansen also enjoys playing hockey, snowboarding, flying lessons in fighter jets, and DIY home renovation projects – anything that keeps him active. Staying physically fit is a requirement for all astronauts preparing to handle the rigors of spaceflight.

The Hansen family know the life they’ve signed up for, supporting each other through the demands. They patiently await the thrilling day when Jeremy rockets away on his first space mission.

Waiting to Fly into Space

Like most astronauts, Jeremy Hansen faces extensive delays waiting for his first spaceflight assignment. The long gaps between missions means that after completing Basic Training, astronauts often wait years before receiving a flight.

Hansen maintains discipline through this period by upholding intensive fitness training 6 days a week and proficiency in critical spaceflight systems. He also stays up to date on developments in Canadian and international space programs he may participate in someday.

As part of launch preparations, active astronauts serve as backup crew members to prime crew launching to space. This entails undergoing mission training as comprehensively as the launching crew.

Hansen recently served as backup for Expedition 58/59 to the ISS in 2018/2019, ready to step in if required. He continues training as backup for future Expedition crews, gaining invaluable preparations for when he flies his own mission.

When asked about waiting patiently through delays, Hansen responds philosophically:

“Each astronaut’s time will come. I remain ready for when I get tapped to visit space and continue Canada’s legacy up there.”

Hopes for Future Spaceflights

Jeremy Hansen has aspirations to participate in multiple pioneering spaceflights over his career:

ISS Long-Duration Mission

Hansen’s primary ambition is flying to the International Space Station on a 6-month rotation, conducting scientific research in the unique microgravity environment. Living and working aboard humanity’s orbital outpost remains the pinnacle for astronauts today.

Deep Space Transport

For NASA’s plan under Artemis to establish a sustained human presence on the Moon, Hansen hopes to work on transporting crew and cargo aboard the Orion or Gateway vehicles assembled in lunar orbit.

Commercial Spacecraft Flight

With new space companies developing innovative human spacecraft like SpaceX Dragon, Hansen sees opportunities to participate as private spaceflight enters an exciting era. Flying aboard cutting-edge commercial ships aligns with his passion for testing innovations.

Moon Landing Mission

Hansen dreams of boots-on-the-ground lunar exploration – arguably the holy grail for today’s astronauts. Walking the lunar surface like the Apollo pioneers did would let Hansen retrace his childhood hero Neil Armstrong’s footsteps.

As space agencies prepare for these unprecedented missions in the coming decade, they will need experienced astronauts like Hansen ready to harness his skills towards accomplishing bold new achievements for humanity in space.

Legacy and Impact on Canadian Space Program

Beyond his own future flights, Jeremy Hansen will leave behind a lasting legacy empowering Canada’s space program through his unique role as an active astronaut.

Hansen already serves as a highly visible role model for Canadians to pursue STEM studies and careers. He regularly gives talks nationwide advocating youth to follow in his footsteps.

Once Hansen launches into space himself, he will revive Canadian pride in human space exploration through only the fourth mission carrying astronauts under the historic maple leaf insignia.

Further, with Hansen’s extensive experience operating Canadarm2 and its successor Canadarm3 space robotics aboard ISS and the Lunar Gateway, he cements Canada’s reputation as a global leader in space automation.

As Canada expands its astronaut corps for the first time in decades with Hansen and Saint-Jacques, the nation stands poised through their contributions to play a key role in humanity charting the unexplored lunar frontier and eventual human missions to Mars.


Over 15 years since initially getting selected, Jeremy Hansen now nears the cusp of realizing his childhood dream actually launching off the planet aboard a rocket ship just like the brave explorers and astronauts who captivated his imagination growing up.

With steadfast commitment through years of setbacks, Hansen today remains ready and resolute for the day he finally straps into a spacecraft to add his own giant leap into the heavens for Canada and all humankind. He will carry the aspirations of past legends and future generations into space when he continues the exceptional legacy of astronauts who came before him.

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