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Apple Vision Pro Review : With the Vision Pro, Apple has set its sights on revolutionizing consumer virtual and augmented reality by leveraging its strengths in hardware, software, and ecosystem integration.

Apple’s Vision Pro delivers groundbreaking virtual and augmented reality capabilities, featuring stunning 4K displays per eye, custom processors and optics, hand tracking gestures, and innovative mixed reality modes.

In terms of pure visuals and comfort, the Vision Pro hits it out of the park. Twin ultra high-resolution 4K OLED displays serve up stunningly vibrant and immersive visuals, while a lightweight, balanced form factor offers best-in-class ergonomics for long VR usage sessions.

Apple Vision Pro Review

The real-time capabilities unlocked by custom silicon, advanced inside-out tracking, and precise hand tracking inputs also enable levels of realism, responsiveness, and natural interaction not seen in rival standalone headsets. Popping over into a mixed reality mode allows for mind-bending integrations of virtual objects into real-world views.

While still firmly in premium territory at $2499, if any company can move the needle on widespread VR/AR adoption, Apple’s meticulously crafted Vision Pro leads the charge in setting new user experience expectations going forward. For those ponying up for what will likely be short supply, the Vision Pro clearly separates itself as the most advanced integrated consumer package entering the spatial computing era. This is only the beginning of Apple’s big ambitions in this space.

Apple Vision Pro Review


Apple recently unveiled their much anticipated new virtual and augmented reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro. As Apple’s first entry into the emerging VR/AR headset market, the Vision Pro aims to revolutionize the way we immerse ourselves in virtual worlds and interact with augmented content overlayed in our physical environments.

Apple recently launched its VR/AR device with the name Apple Vision Pro, actually its Apple first entry in the market of VR/AR headset devices so everyone is waiting for this VR device because as per the Rumours Apple Vision Pro will revolutionize the industry of virtual worlds and interact with augmented content overlayed in our physical environments.

Featuring ultra high resolution displays, powerful processors, and innovative mixed reality capabilities, the Vision Pro looks to set a new standard for premium next generation headsets. With unrivaled hardware powered by Apple’s strengths in hardware and software integration, the Vision Pro could be the tipping point that brings the masses into experiencing immersive realities.

So Here is the Apple Vision Pro Review with its Specs and Features.

The Vision Pro packs impressive technical specifications including:

  • Twin ultra high resolution 4K OLED displays (4K per eye)
  • Custom Apple processors and GPU
  • Advanced optics with balanced distributions
  • Spatial audio system with dynamic head-related transfer function (HRTF)
  • Multi-sensor inside-out tracking cameras
  • Hand tracking gesture controls
  • Sleek, lightweight and comfortable design

Priced at $2499, the Vision Pro competes directly with Meta’s new high-end Quest Pro headset. But thanks to Apple’s unique strengths in areas like processor design, display technology, and hardware/software integration, the company believes it can leapfrog current consumer VR devices.

What is Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro represents Apple’s first foray into virtual and augmented realities via a headworn device. As Tim Cook has stated previously, Apple views AR and VR as critically important technologies of the future that have the power to completely transform how we connect, communicate and compute.

While Meta, formerly Facebook, has focused primarily on social connection in their early VR headsets, Apple is taking a broader view that frames the Vision Pro more as an innovative productivity and creative tool rather than a pure gaming and entertainment device.

Apple Vision Pro Tech Specs

Apple Vision Pro Review

The Apple Vision Pro headset packs cutting-edge display, sensor, tracking, input, and processing technologies to enable unrivaled immersive experiences. Some key specs include:


  • Twin OLED displays with 4K resolution per eye
  • Ultra vivid image quality with high pixel density
  • HDR support for expanded contrast and colors
  • Industry-leading display refresh rates up to 120hz


  • Custom designed optics array per display
  • 140 degree horizontal and vertical field-of-view
  • Innovative IPD adjustment method via software
  • Advanced depth planes with dynamic focus

Tracking & Input

  • Inside-out tracking with camera array for precise positioning
  • Hand tracking with capacitive sensors to detect gestures
  • Eye tracking cameras enable foveated rendering
  • Spatial audio precision via personalised HRTFs


  • Apple’s new CUSTOM Silicon chipset with GPU
  • Significantly more power than smartphone chips
  • Enables advanced graphics, gaming, overlays & multitasking

Apple Vision Pro Features

The Apple Vision Pro enables cutting-edge virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences thanks to breakthrough hardware and software capabilities:

Immersive VR Gaming, Video & Communication

  • Truly immersive 360 VR games, entertainment and apps
  • Social spaces like VR meeting rooms for multi-user interaction
  • Avatar representation of self in virtual environments
  • Voice and text communication tools for virtual collaboration

Augmented Reality Content Layers

  • Augmented overlays surface relevant info in real-world views
  • Imagine walking down the street and seeing restaurant reviews, historical notes, friends nearby and other situational data overlaid right in your field of view. No need to hold up phones to see the layers anymore.

Revolutionary Mixed Reality Mode

  • This groundbreaking mode intelligently mixes the physical and virtual together into one environment
  • Place true to life virtual monitors all around your real office
  • Have a virtual pet that hides behind real objects
  • Would revolutionize fields like office productivity, design, even everyday tasks

Apple Vision Pro Apps & Experiences

As the first device launched in a new product category for Apple, analysts expect significant focus to be placed on delivering a robust content experience in the Vision Pro from day one.

While third party app development will also be crucial, Apple has likely funded some anchor experiences to showcase native VR and AR capabilities:


  • AAA VR Games
  • Immersive cinematic experiences
  • Creation tools like digital art apps
  • Social VR spaces to hang out with friends


  • Virtual workspaces you can customize
  • Work in multiple virtual monitor setups
  • View AR overlays to see project data layered in

Education & Personal Growth

  • Interactive learning experiences
  • Health and wellness applications
  • Mindfulness, relaxation & creativity tools

And much more. The exciting part will be what creative developers and businesses build as they tap into the potential of VR/AR on Vision Pro.

Did you know Apple Vision Pro has its tough competitor Meta Quest 3 in VR Market.

Apple Vision Pro All Specifications

Here are the key specs and features of the Apple Vision Pro

DisplayTwin OLED displays  
4K per eye resolution
Up to 120hz refresh rates 
HDR support
Optics140 degree horizontal & vertical FOV
IPD adjustment via software
 Support for prescription lenses
AudioSpatial audio system
Personalized head-related transfer functions
Simulates surround sound
Tracking & InputInside-out tracking cameras
 Hand tracking gestures
Eye tracking support
ConnectivityHigh-speed wireless connection
Interoperability with iOS devices
ProcessingApple’s new custom silicon chip
GPU for graphics workloads
Significant improvements over smartphone chips
Battery Life2-3 hours active use per charge (estimated)
WeightLess than 1 pound (TBD)
Key FeaturesFully immersive VR 
Augmented reality overlays 
Mixed reality mode 
Face Time VR communication 
Virtual workspaces for productivity 
 Access to VR/AR App Store titles and ecosystem

Apple Vision Pro (Pros and Cons)

DisplayStunning visuals with high resolution and refresh rateMay cause eye strain after extended use
ProcessingPowerful dual-chip system for smooth performanceLimited battery life (requires external pack)
Cameras and SensorsAdvanced spatial mapping and hand trackingRelatively bulky compared to VR headsets
AudioImmersive spatial audio experienceNot fully noise-cancelling
DesignComfortable and adjustableHigh price tag
FeaturesExtensive features like eye and hand tracking, passthrough mode, prescription lensesStill a relatively new product with limited app library
SoftwareRegular updates and improvements plannedRequires compatible Mac for full functionality


The Vision Pro ushers in a new era for Apple as it pivots into the emerging worlds of immersive technologies like virtual and augmented reality. Given Apple’s track record of delivering revolutionary consumer hardware paired with best-in-class software, the Vision Pro looks poised to set the pace in defining standards and user expectations for high quality VR/AR experiences going forward. While still early days, Apple may have just launched the device that finally brings the average consumer into truly engaging with VR/AR technology for more than just novelty usage.

Apple Vision Pro Review 2024


Is Apple Vision Pro available?

No, the Apple Vision Pro has been announced but not yet released. Rumors suggest it will launch in late 2023 or early 2024 as Apple’s first VR/AR headset.

How much will Apple AR glasses cost?

Specific pricing for Apple’s AR glasses is not yet known. However, the Vision Pro VR/AR headset is priced at $2499, putting it at the very high-end compared to consumer devices. More affordable Apple AR glasses may come later.

What is the difference between Google Glass and Vision Pro?

Google Glass was a simple heads-up display in a glasses format, while Vision Pro is a powerful VR/AR headset with immersive 3D displays and realistic graphics. Major hardware differences in display, tracking, input, processing power set them worlds apart.

How much is the Apple Vision Pro going to cost?

Apple Vision Pro is priced at $2499 in the United States. Specific pricing outside the US may vary based on import duties, exchange rates etc, but generally expect high-end pricing on par with top VR devices.

Why is Vision Pro so expensive?

The high $2499 pricing reflects advanced R&D, custom processor/display components and battery tech that has gone into this first-generation product. As an emerging tech category, costs are higher. Prices could drop significantly in future iterations.

Is Vision Pro worth it?

For early adopters willing to pay a premium to experience the cutting edge of consumer VR/AR in an Apple-designed package, the capability upgrades could justify the spend. It may be overkill for average users uninterested advanced headset features.

Can you wear glasses with Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, the headset is designed to work for those who wear glasses. Accommodation ranges from 61mm to 65 mm to allow eyeglasses. Prescription lens inserts may also be an option.

Can the Vision Pro replace a Macbook?

Potentially yes for some users, as virtual workspaces enable your entire visual field to become high-resolution monitors and screens. But standard computing is still easier on a physical keyboard. Expect it to complement rather than fully replace traditional devices.

What makes Apple’s new $499 glasses so special?

Note this question seems to reference a different rumored product – $499 Apple AR glasses. Key aspects would be sleek design, advanced optical waveguide display, tight iPhone integration, App Store ecosystem and mobile-driven AR capabilities.

How many Apple Vision Pro sold?

The Vision Pro is not yet available so no sales data exists. Analyst predictions for first year sales range from 1 million to 3 million units. Comparatively, Meta Quest 2 has sold around 15 million to date.

How long does Apple Vision Pro battery last?

Details have not been shared but expectations based on similar devices would be 2 to 3 hours of active use per charge. New battery technologies may improve this over time in future iterations.

When can I buy Vision Pro?

Apple has announced an initial launch in early 2023. Given potential supply chain constraints and manufacturing ramp-up, general availability dates could vary by market worldwide based on region.

Who owns Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro hardware and associated software platform are designed and owned solely by Apple. It is not a partnership or joint development with any other company.

What is the Apple Vision Pro used for?

It can transform gaming, entertainment, communication, productivity, design, shopping, travel and more through immersive virtual & augmented reality. The possibilities span from 360 movies & games to overlaying digital info onto real world views during everyday moments and tasks.

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